Fmcg Companies In Vietnam

Fmcg Companies In Vietnam

Patel Law Offices (PLCO) has released the results of their research on Vietnam’s largest quoted Fmcg Companies In Vietnam

Showing that there are currently 88 Fmcg Companies In Vietnam. At least 40 of those companies have a stock market value exceeding $100m, with top 10 firms holding 66% of the total market value of Vietnam’s largest quoted companies.

As of March, these large quoted companies are responsible for 6% of Vietnam’s GDP, the research shows.

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s FMCG sector continues to flourish, with a 6% year on year increase in revenue. A total of $49.7bn was generated by these companies in 2017, reflecting a 13.3% increase on 2016.

Surprisingly, companies from the private sector are less represented in the list. They have only 25 out of 88 total Fmcg Companies In Vietnam in the FMCG sector. Even fewer are state-owned, only five out of 88 in the private sector.

PLCO singled out Vietnam Dairy Products Corporation (Vinamilk), a major FMCG company in Vietnam, and UCB Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company, as the most attractive FMCG companies in Vietnam.

The research showed that Vietnam’s FMCG sector is currently dominated by pharmaceutical companies and consumer products companies. Pharma companies account for 47.5% of Vietnam’s FMCG sector, with companies in the consumer products category controlling 39.3% of the FMCG sector. In 2017, pharma companies brought in 41% of FMCG industry revenue and consumer products companies 31%.

The biggest loser in this research, were textile firms. Vietnam’s textile sector shrunk by $59m (3.2%) year on year to $5.4bn in 2017, representing 4.4% of Vietnam’s total FMCG revenue.

The report also mentioned the strong growth and importance of the Fmcg Companies In Vietnam, quoting VTV:

“There has been a surge in the sector due to the rapidly developing economy. In particular, investment into Fmcg Companies In Vietnam is an important means of attracting foreign investors and lifting the country’s gross domestic product”.