Happydent chewing gum reliable quality

///Happydent chewing gum reliable quality

Happydent chewing gum reliable quality

Happydent chewing gum with good taste and fresh breath

Happydent chewing gum is one of the most popular candy of Perfetti van Melle. This is also the favorite chewing gum to most of ages, particularly students and working person. Available in a convenient on the go package in a good taste, helps you conscious immediately and fresh breath.

With different formulations of Happydent chewing gum, that provide fresh breath and sparkling smile after chewing 1-2 pieces of them.

Happydent chewing gum, happydent gum

Happydent chewing gum


Neem, Pudina extract, pudina oil (M.Spiceta), Eucalyptus oil and Meetha soda.

Uses: Keep your teeth brighten and beautiful, fresh breath and adjust the pH of saliva.

Direction uses: Chewing 1 -2 pieces after each meal.

Preservation: Keep it in a dry and cool condition, avoid the direct sunlight.

Chewing happydent gum is good or bad?

Happydent chewing gum has a unique and fresh flavor. Known as special confectionery that contains baking soda, helps to maintain the white and bright teeth.

Not only protect your dental care completely, but chewing gum also help us prevent stressful and tired, bring us a conscious mind to focus on your work and study.

We cant deny useful benefits that chewing gum brings to us, particularly Happydent.

  • Help dieters loose weight as it is sugar free and can suppress sugar cravings.
  • Help us improve memory and cognitive performance by increasing blood flow to the brain.
  • With xylitol ingredient and sugar free, Happydent chewing gum helps us prevent tooth decay.
  • Removes the plaques on your teeth when chewing gum.
  • Reduce ear infection by improving blood circulation to the ear.
Happydent chewing gum, happydent gum

Happydent chewing gum

Happydent chewing are packaged in a small bottle or each pack. That are really convenient for you to put it in handbag or pocket.

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