Mentos Chewing Gum Pure Fresh Mint flavor

///Mentos Chewing Gum Pure Fresh Mint flavor

Mentos Chewing Gum Pure Fresh Mint flavor

Mentos Chewing Gum freshens your all days

Mentos Chewing candy has been one of the best products of Wrigley. This is also the popular candy to most ages, particularly students and working person. Available in a convenient on the go package in four flavor variations, helps you conscious immediately.

Enjoy the long lasting freshness of variety of Mentos chewing gum from Mentos gum Pure White, Mentos Pure Fresh gum in Spearmint to Mentos Pure Fresh gum Mint.

Each kind of flavor will bring to you a different wonderful sensations. Like Mentos Gum Pure White helps to freshen breath and whiten teeth with an enjoyable flavor of Sweet Mint. Either Mentos Pure Fresh Spearmint with sugar-free and great Mint flavor blend in with unique natural green tea kernel. All that will push your sensations and bring you an effective working day with fresh breath.

Mentos chewing gum Pure fresh

Mentos chewing gum Pure fresh

Comes in a big bottle containing 50 pieces, really perfect for your desk at work, your bag or your car wherever you may be! Besides traditional flavor, Mentos Pure Fresh also has other awesome ones like Watermelon, Wintergreen, Cinamon,…

“How good is Mentos chewing gum to you?”

  • Gluten-free and sugar-free chewing gum.
  • With main ingredient is xylitol to help you prevent Dental cavity, the more saliva is released when chewing gum, the more bacteria is killed. Moreover, Mentos chewing gum helps you remove the plaque on your teeth, and brighten you teeth.
  • Feeling stuffed-long, prevent being hungry when chewing.
  • Reducing stressed feeling and tiredness.
  • Particularly, chewing fum will burn your calories, so keep your body fit.
  • Creating fresh breath to push your confidence to easily talk together with your friends.

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

At FMCG VIET, we believe to provide all kinds of Mentos chewing gum that are very reliable by qualified branding products, along with reasonable price, which makes you satisfied!

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