Oreo Wafer Roll – Creamy and Crunchy

Oreo Wafer Roll – Creamy and Crunchy

Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez International Group, used under license from Mondelez International AMEA Pte. Ltd.

Oreo wafer rolls are a type of snack that features a crispy wafer roll filled with a creamy Oreo-flavored filling. The wafer rolls are usually about the size of a typical candy bar and can be found in the snack aisle of many grocery stores.

To make Oreo wafer rolls, a thin wafer is rolled into a tube shape and then filled with a mixture of crushed Oreo cookies and a sweetened cream filling. The filling is usually similar in flavor and texture to the filling found in traditional Oreo cookies.

1. Ingredient Of Oreo Wafer Roll 54g:

Oreo wafer roll 54g is made from ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm, palm olein), cocoa powder, maltodextrin, hight fructose syrup, comstarch, dextrose, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin (INS322)), flavors (nature identical chocolate flavor, artificial vanillin flavor).

Oreo wafer roll has 2 flavors: vanilla and chocolate.

Pack size: 54g

Oreo Wafer Roll – Creamy and Crunchy

2. Oreo Wafer Roll Nutrition Information:

Oreo Wafer Roll 54g is a kind of nutritious pastry with a very specific and unique taste. It is often used to make the most delicious drinks, which are crushed ice with a layer of fat on the outside, creating a very special flavor blend for talented young people. Also, can be used to decorate ice cream dishes.

Delicious taste with a combination of fat cream and special chocolate/vanilla, providing full vitamins and nutrients needed for the body. Oreo wafer roll 54g do not contain chemicals, no preservatives, so parents are completely assured when choosing for your child.

Oreo Wafer Roll – Creamy and Crunchy

3. Oreo Wafer Roll 54g Wholesale:

Oreo wafer roll is a popular snack because they offer a combination of sweet and crispy textures in a convenient, portable form. They can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or used as a topping for ice cream or other desserts. FMCG Viet is a Wholesale Oreo Wafer 54g and other FMCG brands. We strongly believe in long term relationship by giving the most trusted tailored solutions to customers.Oreo Wafer Roll – Creamy and Crunchy

Oreo Wafer Roll – Creamy and Crunchy