Milo Chocolate Powder 400g x 12 Jars

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Milo Chocolate Powder

Milo Chocolate Powder is a popular chocolate malt drink mix produced by Nestlé. It is well-known for its unique flavor and nutritional value.

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  • Flavor: Milo Chocolate Powder has a distinct chocolate and malt flavor. It offers a sweet and malty taste, making it a favorite among both children and adults.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Milo Chocolate Powder is often marketed as a nutritious drink. It can provide a source of vitamins (including B vitamins), minerals (such as calcium and iron), and energy due to its malt content. It’s sometimes considered a good option for active individuals and growing children.
  • Versatility: While Milo is commonly enjoyed as a hot or cold chocolate drink when mixed with milk or water, it can also be used in various recipes. Some people use it as a topping for ice cream, as an ingredient in smoothies, or even in baking recipes.
  • Health Consideratio: It’s important to be mindful of the sugar content in Milo Chocolate Powder. Some versions may contain added sugars, so it’s a good idea to check the nutrition label if you’re concerned about sugar intake.


PROTOMALT 32% (extract from malted barley, tapioca starch), sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, whey powder, minerals (dicalcium phosphate) , disodium phosphate, iron pyrophosphate), butter oil (from milk), glucose syrup, vitamins (vitamin C, niacin, vitamins B6, B2, D, B12), iodized salt and synthetic vanilla flavor.

Milo Chocolate Powder
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Unit / Case:12
Product Origin:Vietnam
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Shelf Life:12 months
Cases / 20ft:1780
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