PURCHASING GUIDE2019-04-25T15:50:12+07:00

1. Buy online:

  • Choose products to buy
  • Choose the quantity to buy
  • Add in my bag.
  • After selecting all products to buy, go to the shopping cart to proceed with payment.
  • You must enter the recipient information and the basic contact information to receive the goods under COD conditions, or enter basic information about the online payment account to conduct payment through the linked bank units. with the company.
  • Particularly for orders with quantity >300 units (different products <5), please contact the phone or email directly to work directly and sign a contract to ensure benefits for both buyers and sellers.

2. Purchase offline:

  • You can see information and product images on the page, if required, you can contact to see the product information directly at the showroom then proceed to order directly at the company or exchange via email to conduct contract signing and delivery (priority only for wholesale orders, quantity calculated by carton)
  • Particularly for foreign orders, if customers need to see samples, please provide information and transfer sample money as well as freight to the company directly send goods to foreign countries.
  • For foreign orders, depending on conditions of purchase and payment between the two parties negotiating and signing contracts, the purchase policy will be different.
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