Wrigley’s Extra Chewing gum sugar free

///Wrigley’s Extra Chewing gum sugar free

Wrigley’s Extra Chewing gum sugar free

Extra Chewing gum brings you a wonderful world

Extra Chewing gum has been one of the best products of Wrigley. This is kind of favorite product round the world. Enjoying these candies not only to help breath fresh, but also clean your teeth. With Sweat mint will keep your mind conscious to focus on your work.

Extra chewing gum has been one of the best quality and consumption in many nations.

Extra chewing gum of Wrigley

Extra chewing gum of Wrigley

“Give Extra, get extra”

With this slogan, extra knows that when you give a little more, you get more in return. So, give a piece to somebody, make a perfect connection to your friends, family at those moment.

Features of Wriley’s Extra chewing gum:

  • Experience enjoyable sensations together with benefit of preventing dental cavity when chewing gum.
  • Refreshing and delicious mint that always offers long-lasting flavor
  • Gluten-free with sugar-free chewing gum. This product is really suitable for those who want to control their weight.
  • With natural mint flavor help you concentrating your tasks and do your job effective.
  • Those gum made from natural nutrition fats that kills bacteria well, keep your teeth without any plaque.

Direction use to gain the best result:

  • May use 1-2 pieces after each meal.
  • May use before communications 15 minutes.
  • Keep those candies in dry and comfortable place.
  • Avoid the direct sunlight.

When it comes to Chewing gum, you must-have one of those flavor below in your bag:

Extra chewing gum Spearmint: Delicious spearmint flavor that will refresh you from tongue to toe. Set your taste buds a tingling with the invigorating sensation of green mint.

Extra chewing gum peppermint: Refreshing and delicious mint. Show your tongue who’s boss with a crisp refreshing flavor.

Extra chewing gum classic bubble: A bubble gum flavor that takes you back to childhood. Twirl your imaginary ponytail and try not to get any gum stuck in your braces.

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